Sunday, October 22, 2006

Good morning! It's raining here in west Michigan, and about 50 degrees. Not entirely a bad day, but not so good either!
Our new home is approaching completion, we think. At least all of the indications are in that direction.
I offer you some more poetry to think about. The first piece below I have shared with many, and it seems to sum up how many think about the subject.

I cannot imagine living without friends,
Or without friendship - they are my
Completion, in a way. Oh, I am whole all
By myself, and true to that within me
That is best. But, being human, and alive,
I need more than me, alone, to do
And share with, or what's the point? We
Aren't made with feelings and with
Caring just to sit beside a stream all day.
There's time, and need for that as well,
But other's are around; without my friends
I might well lose touch with all I am,
A person with a heart, who needs other hearts in tune.

Friendship is the finest of all the
Ways there are to care for others.
It's the way to say: "wake up, live, grow"
To reach the peak of all that's
Best in each of us, and share it
With another. And sharing, be just
Who I am, no more; and if sometimes I am
A bit less, it doesn't matter, for
I have a friend who cares, accepts, and
Doesn't judge. A friend who knows
How I may feel, or think; who listens with
A hearing heart and lets me be - myself.
In this tough world, there's enough aloneness
To serve the solitary souls who
Seem to want to be without connection;
Who in their deeper hearts may cry
For solace, respect, love and comfort,
Yet do not find it in their hearts
To give; fear letting others in.
Such is not for me, and if it's weakness
Then I'm weak, unafraid to let another
See my need, unashamed of tears
Of sorrow or of joy, unabashed by softer
Thoughts, buoyed up by love.

For love it is that's at the core;
The corner stone, the keystone of
The arch that's friendship. Without condition,
Absent judgment, possessing no one,
These stones so closely fit together form
A solid and enduring monument to the
Best that's in us all. So join with me
And be my friend, and live, and love,
And grow.

Listen to the teacher! Hear the teacher
Talking - expounding, explaining,
Telling - the voice of authority!
To play the game, you must listen
For clues, or cues - words that
Must re-appear at the right time
Or place - usually on a
Test (or exam, if you prefer
The more academic sound of it) - to
Be graded, commented upon,
Criticized for accuracy, fitness
Or such other standards as may be applied.
Perhaps, one day, a question may result
From listening? Properly phrased,
In the preferred tone of voice,
An answer may return. Did you
Hear it? Are you listening?
Or, were you, perhaps, listening to
Another voice; a small but insistent
Voice inside the box of yourself?
Was it, do you suppose, seeking
Your attention too? Why so?
To try and fit the pieces of the puzzle together?
Life, yesterday, tomorrow, sunshine,
Or rain; love, feelings, hate,
And more. What have they to do
With listening to the teacher?

Who else but I ever listens to me,
To my inner voice? Who cares
That I have a question more important
Than that before the class, before the
World or the system?
A friend - perhaps - but they are so
Few; parents - yes, but then -
How make them aware? Why not the
Teacher? I can feel and think a
Connection -

Listen to me! How does this subject
Fit my quest into the puzzle
Of myself? If you can help me
With that, maybe I can listen
Better, come alive to your teaching.
And, just maybe, we could converse -
Have a dialogue - learn together?

Listen to me, please!


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