Saturday, September 30, 2006

Well, I'm back, with a laptop and dialup connection. Not too swift, but it will do for now.
We're enjoying Autumn in West Michigan. The color is just beginning to show here, but it will be here with us soon. Nights are cooler, days are cooler and so far, a bit on the damp side. Our new home is coming along nicely. Our daughter sends us pictures from time to time, and that keeps us up with what's happening.

This old home (140 years next year) is still in good condition. The view to the west is great, although we can't see Lake Michigan from here. It's about a mile west, across a river and lines of dunes with trees, etc.

So, here's some more poetry.


Is the picture so dark, the prospect so dim?
Can the only view be negative?
If so, then all I've said so far is vain,
No hope, no future but failure.
But nestled in among the anger and
Frustration, perhaps you've noticed?

All is far from lost! For all the errors
And the blindness, the competitive
Self-seeking and systematic insensitivity,
There are those who stand out as
Doers of the greatest service to our young -
And to the rest of us, of course.

They try, and fail, and try again -
To share their humanness and their lack,
As persons living, learning with others
With the same deficiencies. Uncertain
And often unsung, they present a viewpoint
Alternative to the usual - another eye.

And predisposed to feel, and think
Original; expressive of themselves,
Welcoming others, with open arms and
Open hearts, to wonder, beauty,
Truth and love - to Mankind at its best-
And failure.


One of the most frightening puzzles,
To the puzzle, is failing. Oft
Touted as the way to learn, 'tis
Freighted with so much fear and
Self-doubt as to immobilize a Saint.
Why so?

One reason, sure, is the other puzzles,
Who each must have some rationale
For differences. What better way to
Deal with difference than see it as
Success in me, failure in you.
Oh, yes!
Or, perhaps, somehow to separate for
The work-place those who shall,
And shall not make it - since everyone
Cannot, of course. Competition!
This is the real world we're in!
Of course!

And there is the evaluating puzzle in
Himself, who must needs prove,
Once and for all, his own superiority -
Hence other puzzles can't be solved
As well save by himself - 100% for
Him - less for others.

So - where, if at all, does failure
Belong? In living and in life
We try and do not always reach the
Goal, yet learn from our mischosen
Way - if fear and judgment are
Set aside - period.

Why must there always be a failure?
Why cannot all succeed within the
Limits of their prowess? Be counted
As a persons first, of worth and
Dignity, accomplished at their own

Then failure in its own perspective
Falls, as part of life. Then failure
Can be alluded to by loving ones
Without the fear, the degradation
And the trauma. Then failure, with success,
Are healthy parts of me.


To have - to possess - information;
Is that "to know"? Cognitive level
One (in Bloom) is so easy to measure.

Knowledge gets stalled there so often!
Or rather, learning stalls there, assuming
That what is measurable is all there is.

Certainly having informations is a part -
Of learning and of knowing -
But not all of it by far. If that
Were all, there would no puzzles be.
But puzzles there are, in spite of all
The information, and puzzles remain.

Information organized and purposed
Moves closer, but the organizing
And the purposing are crucial - what
Framework sets the data straight?
What goal its tone, restraint and use?
Too often information alone can be abused.

To know, truly, is to have learned,
To have internalized; and the resulting
Change shows forth in new behavior
And new ways of thinking, asking
And relating. A new context, another view,
And knowing reaches for new heights.
To know is very like to be, for
Knowing in its fullest sense
Leads on to growing, and to becoming
Until, at last, knowing, becoming,
And Wisdom merge into those higher
Insights of self-understanding.

Good relationships, truth, beauty,
Justice, and all the rest that
Have, for so long, been the topics
In the great conversation of mankind.
This, then, is to know, and knowing,
Come alive in the fullness of one's self.
There's some more to think about. I've had a few comments, and thanks to those of you have taken the time to say something to me. It's truly appreciated.
Have a great time with your day.
Angry Grandpa


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is beautiful-- just wanted I needed to read today. (I also love the name of your blog!)

12:04 PM

Blogger Bob said...

Thank you, whoever you are. I too needed what you said.

5:19 PM


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