Thursday, July 13, 2006

We had some friends over last evening, and inevitably the topic turned to politics. We reached a consensus on the ticket for 2008.

How’s this? John Edwards and Barack Obama! Wouldn’t this put the Democratic Party back on track to it’s basic principles? Something has to get that party out of it’s doldrums.

For the Democratic Party seems to be drifting, like a rudderless ship, with no pilot at the wheel. Instead, it is fragmented and floundering, with very few speaking anything but what is designed to get the vote. Of course, all politicians have as their primary objective reelection, and thereby hangs much of the problem with contemporary politics and government.

Being a politician has become a lifetime occupation, with a great retirement package, health care better than most Americans, and the possibility of lucrative employment by corporate interests or think tanks if defeated, or upon retirement. This couldn’t be further from the Founders conception of the legislative branch. But the times have changed, and we are where we are.

What is needed is individuals who stand for something; individuals who listen more than they talk, and listen to those whom they represent. Instead of testing the political winds, they should do as they are elected to do – take the composite interests of their constituents and speak for those interests, with concern for the truth, They should get out of DC and talk with people more often. Not just at pre-election times, but all of the time.

The “Beltway mentality” grips the entire political machine on the Federal level, and responsible people within that beltway have a warped conception of what is really of importance to the rest of the nation.

We need a party that truly speaks for the little people; that will work toward a truly universal health system for ALL Americans; that will work toward improvement of the environment, utilizing the best information and the best minds to formulate policy; that will approach the problem of immigration with humane consideration; whose foreign policy will strive to truly work for peace among nations without using the “big stick” to intimidate others. A party that stands for responsible government; government that is transparent and truly accountable to those whom it governs – WE, the citizens of this nation. Attentive to the rights of everyone to seek and speak the truth.

There are many avenues to the truth, and in this world of the 21st Century, with the intenet, wireless communication, etc,. we have the means of truly seeking the truth and investigating it. The “Patriot” act is a travesty and should be repealed; for it is an invasion of privacy that is not justified by any rational means.

So, what think you? Edwards and Obama in 2008? Is it viable, does it make sense?


Blogger Jill said...

I like Obama/Edwards but would they be too smooth? You're not a FOH - friend of Hillary I guess.

4:53 PM


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