Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Look at it from the viewp0int of a man from Mars.

These Earthlings! What a crazy bunch! They have the greenest, most fruitful planet in the galaxy, and they are ruining it! My gosh, they use up the resources as if they were unlimited in quantity; they dump poisonous refuse in their water, and in their air; they fight each other over minimal things that could be settled by rational talk! Oh, yes, they do have their good points! They have families, and they love those children and spouses (for the most part). They have friendships, and others who care for them. They have religions, each of which basically teach the same thing - compassion. And many follow those tenets. But others laugh at them, or worse, attack them as non-believers in their particular system of beliefs.

One asks: why can't they see how ridiculous all of this is? Why can't they escape the irrational belief in "my country, right or wrong", or the equivalent. Why can't they see that they are destroying their very heritage? Why have they ceased to be good stewards of that heritage?

One can only wonder, and watch, and hope that one day, they will come to their senses. In the meantime, we sit here on our distant world, and only observe.


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