Monday, July 17, 2006

I don't care what your religion is - it's all about the same unseen being who so many worship under different names. If only the fighting over religious systems, interpretations of religious writings, theology, etc. we could have a more peaceful world, I think. I watch CNN and am desolated by the killing, the rocket attacks, the reprisals, the recrimmination, the unbending attitudes, but most of all by the "collaterarl damage" caused by the missiles and air attacks. It seems that the Hezbollah are firing their missiles from sites in the midst of civilian areas, and are targetting non-military areas like Haifa, Tiverias, etc. Israel has to strike back in self defense and of course, to stop the rockets, they have to hit the sites, and the result is unnecessary civilian casualties. Or at least that's the picture I have.

On another topic, our move is going foreward. We're slowly getting packed up and ready to leave here on August 24. All I need to do is arrange for the final utilities bills to be as of that date.

I'm still thinking about education, but can't bring myself to add to my Puzzle Boxes today.

Maybe tomorrow.

Peace, everybody!


Blogger Jill said...

I'm with you on the religion thing but I don't know what's a winning strategy - it's really about what's the least losing strategy.

4:53 PM


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