Saturday, July 01, 2006

I am so disgusted with the do nothing congress, and a president who is, to be kind, a lightweight, that I can't separate out any one topic to comment on this morning.

So, I'll just continue with my thoughts on learning and teaching.


If I meet you, and don't like you
The first time, I may act aloof,
Impolite, or rude. When next we meet
And I am different - less aloof,
Friendlier, more aware - what has
Changed? My behavior! Why?
Perhaps because I've learned something!
And that's what this is all about.
All sorts of things are learned, and
When truly so, something magic
Comes about. The one who's learned
Is no more the same, exactly as before.
He or she now thinks, or sees, or hears
From a different viewpoint; he or she feels
New feelings, re-assesses old ones, and
Behaves, little or much, accordingly.

How does this take place? No one is
Finally, absolutely sure. They may not
Have asked all the right questions! Oh?
You say - they haven't the right answers
Yet! Another way of saying - not the same
Thing - but something similar, perhaps.
And yet the questions are the clue, I think -
In life as well as Academe.

For I remember best what I have sought,
Not what I've been given - and seeking
Is a questioning, brought about by
Many different things - crisis, wonder, Loneliness, or
love - yes, and fear, to name a few.
In each case I wish to resolve
Some conflict, or some doubt in me
And the search begins - the questions.

The world is full of answers - ask the
Good questions, and Truth will
At the same time draw closer; knowledge
Increase; Wisdom in its own good
Time appear. Learning is living -
Aware, awake, in touch with others
And ourselves - and at the core, it's
Loving, and being loved.

No test can tell, no grade make
Sense; no teaching ever reach
The heart of learning, save that
Which asks, and shares, and wonders
Out loud, doubts, stumbles - learns,
And models for others that which is
Living - learning, growth and loving:
And behavior changes.


So - we have puzzles inside puzzles
Inside boxes within boxes;
Some are learners, and some are
Subjects - all connected by words
In a system archaic that separates,
And alienates, and cannot live.

Or love, either, for that matter -
When relationships are defined
By the rules, by the roles, by the names
On the boxes instead of by the
Puzzle inside. But the puzzle is
Living, the puzzle is loving -

Or wants to, but can't, or isn't
Allowed to. The system can't
Handle such subjectivity, such
Intimacy as relationships between
The puzzles. Too much uncertainty;
Too much risk - to the system,
At least.

But how do we learn - and teach,
If not within relationships -
Shall we explore?
I hope you are still with me!


Blogger Jill said...

A little bit of Dr. Seuss comes to mind - some great pictures could go with this!

9:06 AM

Blogger Bob said...


I doo't happen to have any that would fit. But perhaps one day, when I'm out shooting with my trusty Nikon, I'll find some!

Thanks for the idea.


4:27 AM


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