Tuesday, June 06, 2006

This 'n that

Thanks to all of you who gave me such encouragement. I guess I'll carry on for a while!

I've been thinking about this Defense of Marriage Amendment - what a major, major act for Congress to spend time on! First of all, such an item does NOT belong in the Constitution. Second, marriage is primarily a matter of personal and private concern, and if it must be defined, let it be done differently. Third, it's a political ploy - part of the gamesmanship of the Bush people to win the Christian Right. Incidentally, I saw a bumper sticker a few years back which read "The Christian Right is neither" Nuff said on that!

Marriage needs defense, but not from Congress. It needs a better social environment. Kids grow up getting a distorted view of sex, happiness, relationships, etc. Where do they get it? Why, I'm glad you asked - from TV shows. I don't watch the current crop of sitcoms, etc., but I read about their content, and wonder what world they are portraying!

And speaking of TV - we have become a nation of addicts - drug addicts! Look at the ads for all the happy pills, male enhancement pills, pain killers, you name it. It's no wonder that drug addiction is a huge problem!

Back to the first topic - (I'm thinking randomly, as you probably guessed) - The matter of same sex marriage needs a format which will grant the same legal protections and rights as any other combination. Corporations are granted personhood, why do we insist on discriminating on this particular matter? Oh, I know - the Bible and what some believe that it says about homosexuality. Well, I thought this was mostly a Christian society, and I don't see anything in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth on the subject. He was totally, unconditionally, a loving person, regardless who you were, or are. And that's all I need to know. So let's get off this topic once and for all and start acting what we claim to believe. If you believe otherwise, OK, but please don't try to impose your own personal belief on the rest of us through legislation, etc.

Now - something that has bothered me for many years. War! We fought WW II because we were attacked, as a nation, by another nation, and then two more. That's one kind of war - defensive. But now we come to current U.S. policy of preemption, and that changes everything.
The older and "wiser" among us managed to get us into the situations, so the youngsters have to go into the meat grinder. And folks, believe me, war is a mea grinder. It's mud and stink and death and pain and never ending hell on earth. It ain't no picnic in the park, and the kids who haven't had a chance to mess up anything but maybe their own lives are sent out to undo our mistakes.

No one ever said the world was fair, but come on, let's get with it. We older and supposedly wiser folks should be able to elect the best and brightest, back them up with our best thinking, and avoid these situations. Oh, well, I guess I live in never-never land. Oops, I forgot - politics is all about winning elections, not about thinking or doing your best for the country.

Well, I guess that's enough for this round. To all out there, keep up the good fight, keep thinking clearly, without prejudice. As I used to teach my politics classes, make sure of your frame of reference, check you biases, and then think, really think about what you are saying, writing, etc.

Bye for now - MIK (more in the kitchen)


Blogger Jill said...

You have a perspective and opinion and set of questions to share as much as anyone else. I'm glad you're doing it. You give us a lot to think about and to say, I feel that way too!

9:42 AM


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