Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Think classbox(room)

I face a wall - not blank, but
Two dimensional and flat.
Squared up against another, and
Another - they form a box around,
Above and below. Six sides my world.

Yet more: a box immediate surrounds
Me; not of finite walls, but of
Quiet, one-direction facing, looking,
Responding. One side open: all
The rest closed off by rule and
By the demands of attention;
(Really, the right answer) - for
My box is labelled with a name,
Whose passage through this series
Depends upon proper markings,
Good words, written by the
Puzzle at the front.

That puzzle, like myself, is in a box,
Alone, it seems. Neither truly sees
Nor hears - knows - the other. Objectivity
Is said to be the virtue, intimacy
The crime. And so, puzzles within boxes,
Boxes within boxes, we remain - alone.


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