Friday, June 16, 2006

Selling a home

Here we are, in the midst of sorting, tossing, donating, packing, and selling our home of 51 years.
You never know how much you have accumulated until you start to dig into the back of closets, shelves in the basement, etc. Wow, stuff I had long forgotten!

I'll have to have a yard sale to see if I can get some cash for some of my tools, garden tools, snow blower, lawn mower, etc. We're taking all of our furniture with us, but there are always a few things you can get rid of.

Since the new home won't be ready until late October or November, we have to think of taking a lot of clothing with us to our place in Michigan after we move out. And finding an inexpensive mover is apparently not possible! We'll have to store everything for a coule of months, and that isn't cheap either!

Our new home will be within three miles of our daughter, in Macedonia, Ohio, and our younger son and his family in Akron, about 20 miles away. That's the main reason for the move - so that we will be closer to them. Our older son is in the Denver, Colorado area, so no way we can get any closer to them!

Books - we've given nearly 500 to the county library, and will have to box about 300 more to take with us!

I'm finding that some persons have tried to post comments on my other blog, and can't do it.
Apparently you have to have a login name and password. I still don't know what to tell them to do about it. Any ideas, or info on how to do that will be appreciated. I was under the impression that anyone could post a comment. What gives?

Guess that's all for this morning. Have to get at the sorting and tossing again!



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