Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Thoughts on learning and teaching, or
What my students taught me.

Enigmatic is a good word, I guess.
It certainly describes my thoughts
And feelings - to myself. Others
Also oft' respond to me this way -
Hence I seem a puzzle to both worlds -
Within and without my box.

Neatly packaged, described, labelled:
I'm in a box - a puzzle box - that
Moves - now here, now there;
With other puzzles in other boxes,
Through time, and all the larger boxes
Into which all the most
Important things seem placed: all
Riddles - mysteries - enigmas;
Puzzles, in a word - labeled, each one
With its proper name.

I'm not my name, nor my description,
But myself - my puzzle. How to
Break the box? Work at the puzzle?
Ask any questions? Communicate?
Feel the mystery of just one other
Puzzle in its box? Larger and more
Numerous boxes do not serve this need.
What then? And why?


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