Wednesday, June 21, 2006

OK, here's one for you.

Why is the Congress bent on amending the Constitution to prohibit flag burning? The Supreme Court has protected flag burning as an expression of freedom of speech. Apparently some persons believe that the court was mistaken.

The flag is not a person, its a piece of cloth (usually), with red and white stripes and some stars.
It is a symbol, it is not the nation.

As a symbol, it stands for different things to different people. Among other things it stands for what this nation values: freedom of speech, religion; the right to a fair and speedy trial by a jury; the right to be protected from encroachment upon our person and property from others.

It is not a sacred symbol, such as a cross, a Buddha, or other such symbols.

To ban the burning of the flag is to make Consstitutional a denial of one of the rights already granted, hence it is at cross purposes to the document it amends.

And it doesn't belong in the constitution. I don't recall that there is any mention of any flag in the Constitution, it's design, size, color, whatever.

Obviously this is another ploy in an election year to play to the sentiment and perhaps even the fear that is a marker of the present Republican Administration's approach to the elecoral process.

They have been using fear - fear of terrorists, fear of diverse opinion, or just unnamed fear, to keep the population in a state of tension that is easily manipulated state. This is one of the characteristics of a totalitarian regime.

If the American people don't wake up and start thinking clearly, we may pay dearly for our lassitude and inattention.

This amendment should be roundly defeated, and not brought up again.


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