Sunday, June 25, 2006

Hi, everyone! It's another nice day here in NEO.

Some may wonder why I don't comment on local politics. I'm not sure why, either! But some has to do with the rather dubious candidates for governor. Mr. Blackwell impresses me quite negatively. His "religious" front seems to me to be in poor taste, to say the least. Name calling and other low tactics turn me off. I'm tired of negative campaigning, locally or nationally. I wonder when we will hear some positive programs from either party.

I would like to hear the Democrats come out with a positive program, that is realistic and forward looking. Health care, environment, taxation, education, and of course foreign policy are areas that call for some seriousl thought. And proposals. I've had enough of the Republican's policies - policies that cater to big business and the large power brokers. A voice is needed for the little people - the workers in the trenches, so to speak. The real income of most Americans has been dropping for a number of years, pensions are disappearing, and on and on.

We do live in a truly global world, and jobs are going to tend to go where they are cheaper. It's unfortunate that this means that many will travel to other parts of the world. So, what should be done? A good program of retraining within industry would be a good start. I know there are some who already have such programs, but more are needed. The jobs will develop, but higher levels of skills will be necessary.

Health care in this country is a scandal. Too many Americans are forced to forego needed care from lack of any kind of insurance. Isn't it time to have a universal health care system? of course it may cost more, but it seems to me that we should be able to afford it.

The debate over global warming is clearly going to the affirmative - that is, that global warming is a fact, that human misuse of natural resources, excessive use of carbon based fuels, etc. have contributed to it. We are sitting on a disaster that's going to happen within the foreseeable future. A sound program of research and prevention is desperately needed.

Financing education on the local level needs reform. Somehow the funds available must be shared with all school districts, rather than the present system of local funding based on property taxes. Equalization of some sort must be instituted in order to insure good learning environments in ALL schools.

Well, I've gotten some things off my chest. How about other ideas? I'm waiting!


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