Thursday, June 08, 2006

Hey, whoever you are - let's have some substantive feedback. You have any thoughts to share, disagree with, whatever? I surely hope we aren't all losing our ability to think critically. If we do, we're sunk. What's great about this country, and being a part of it, is the ability to learn, to think, to express, and to act reasonably on that process. I only wish I had had George W. in one of my classes for a while - maybe, just maybe, he might be a little better at thinking through what he says, and does. Oh, well, you only reach one or two each year, and that's a great feeling!

Are we gettting all bent out of shape over Iran's nucliear development? I wonder. Of course they have every right to pursue science where it takes them. And how do we really know that they are aiming at weapons? Am I naive, or is the Bush crowd assuming? I think I've lived long enough to be fairly realistic, but it does sound like a repeat of "weapons of mass destruction, ready to let fly at the U.S" by Saddam. Paranoia, or practicality?

Well, anyway the weather has been improving, and I can be outdoors more. I love to sit on the front porch or the back patio and read, and think. Can't write worth a damn by hand anymore - can't even read my own handwriting some times! So I sit here at the trusty PC and try to think and type, etc. Seems to work, or so I delude myself.

We're in the midst of a major change here. We will be moving from the home we bought back in 1955 to a new one, to be closer to our daughter. So it's decisions, decisions - keep this, take this to the library as a donation, throw this out, what do we do with that, etc. But it's coming together, and I'm beginning to get that itchy feeling that tells me I'm ready for it to happen.
Thank goodness for wonderful kids and friends!!

Speaking of kids, I've got to show you a picture of our little Joni Allen, who is 6 and a beauty. The picture at the header is the young lady, in her kindergarten class last fall at Halloween time.
She is, by the way, a legal immigrant, having been adopted in China by our son and his wife. What a delightful child she is. Now and then I'll toss in other pics for you to look at, but no big gallery - that's asking too much of anyone!

Guess I'd better get a refill of my Folger's, and get at some other stuff. See ya!


Blogger Jill said...

She is GORGEOUS and so lucky to have you for a grandpa. Good luck with your moving. I'm sure that there will be many poignant moments as you go through the accumulated effects of your life thus far.

11:21 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

Shalom AG,

Step away from the Folgers!



6:43 AM


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