Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Morning.

After a nice hot day yesterday, some thunder and lightning last evening, and several rain showers during the afternoon and evening, it's now a delightfully cool and sunny day.

No further notice on our new home construction. It's staked, so they can start digging the foundation hole anyday now, I assume.

This place has had some lookers, but no buyers yet. We'll wait patiently for more to show up, and for someone to say "I'd like to make an offer". That will be the day!

Here are some more of my thoughts on education, as of 1987. I don't think I would change anything, from what I hear about todays high schools. A bit more ferment, but the usual stuff you would expect from kids first trying on adulthood, and some doing very well, and others failing miserably! Most of them just managing to stay out of trouble, and get decent grades.

Great lead in to the next topic, no?


And now, we come to that great
Educational invention - the mark!
Oh, boy! What power therein lies if
Empires are to be built! What critical
Acclaim by which to say "I'm better,
I'm winning" - or with which to fail.

And failing, once again somehow to
Prove - the System works. All cannot
Reach the top, you see! Some must
Fall - so the System dictates. And
Someone must play God, you see, if
All mortals demand success.

Why must there be a lowest learner?
Because there is a highest? - is that all?
And what of growth, of time and
Learning, do they count for naught?
'Twould seem so! Although a grade at best
Is merely one small part of a single snapshot,

In which all stand still, frozen
For that moment - an illusion only - of
Who is best or worst. Insecurity,
Uncertainty - must be allayed lest someone
Else achieve first place (and woe to my career!)
Why is it so? Why must it be?
You know!


The focal point of all so far -
To teach - the teacher - who is
To combine, facilitate, instruct,
Discipline, analyze, direct - to
Deal with the puzzles, open the boxes
(Always within the box, of course).
A puzzle himself (or herself) within
A box, and neatly labelled.
Restrained, defined, structured and
roled, status-important - part of
The System. A system lacking
Imagination or creativity - lock-
Step to the clock, Carnegie Unit
And seat-time. An industrial
Model of production even as the
Production system has moved on.

The Nineteenth Century dealing
With Twenty First Century needs -
Read Toffler, for goodness sake,
Instead of always calling up the
"Good old days" that never were,
And cannot serve. And Rogers, and
Buscaglia, Lair, and the host of others
Who at least look forward from today.
So, there you have it. Enjoy!


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