Sunday, June 11, 2006

Good morning! Another sunny, but cool day in NEO. Doesn't feel exactly like June, does it?

Oh, well, it will warm up, and I can spend more time outdoors. I love to read outside, where I can enjoy my pipe, and the warmth, and a good book.

We have been donating a lot of books to the County Library. Many of them are older textbooks, and the like. But some of them have been much read books that we won't have room for in our new digs. It's very tough deciding what goes with us and what to donate, sell, or throw away. I never thought we'd ever be in this position. We were so well established here that I thought we'd end our days right here. But nope, our daughter Chris had a different idea! She wanted us closer so that she wouldn't have to drive 30 miles to see us. It sounded good to us, so here we are in the midst of cleaning this house, eliminating non-essentials, checking the plans for the new home, and "can't waiting" for the move. Wow!

In all of the years we have lived here, 51 all together, we've raised three kids, seen them off to college or training, sheltered them when they had to come home for a bit, then happily seen them get established in their chosen careers. Then came the weddings, and the addition of some very wonderful additional children in our son and daughters in law. How wonderful it is to see them all happy, creative and enjoying the life we had hoped for them. Such are the joys of parenthood.

We have been so very fortunate - we did not try to direct their lives, but let them grow into what they were as persons. And lo and behold, they have each become good friends. And we couldn't be more pleased and happy. There is nothing better than good friends. In fact, I'll add my thoughts on friendship in a minute.

I used to tell my students that friendship was the greatest relationship, and when they married, they should marry a friend, or someone with whom they would build a friendship relationship.
I truly believe that, for Katharine and I are the best of friends, and have been for over 57 years now.

Thoughts on Friendship
I cannot imagine living without friends,
Or without friendship - they are my
Completion, in a way. Oh, I am whole all
By myself, and true to that within me
That is best. But, being human, and alive,
I need more than me, alone, to do
And share with, or what's the point? We
Aren't made with feelings and with
Caring just to sit beside a stream all day.
There's time, and need for that as well,
But other's are around; without my friends
I might well lose touch with all I am,
A person with a heart, who needs other hearts in tune.

Friendship is the finest of all the
Ways there are to care for others.
It's the way to say: "wake up, live, grow"
To reach the peak of all that's
Best in each of us, and share it
With another. And sharing, be just
Who I am, no more; and if sometimes I am
A bit less, it doesn't matter, for
I have a friend who cares, accepts, and
Doesn't judge. A friend who knows
How I may feel, or think; who listens with
A hearing heart and lets me be - myself.
In this tough world, there's enough aloneness
To serve the solitary souls who
Seem to want to be without connection;
Who in their deeper hearts may cry
For solace, respect, love and comfort,
Yet do not find it in their hearts
To give; fear letting others in.
Such is not for me, and if it's weakness
Then I'm weak, unafraid to let another
See my need, unashamed of tears
Of sorrow or of joy, unabashed by softer
Thoughts, buoyed up by love.

For love it is that's at the core;
The corner stone, the keystone of
The arch that's friendship. Without condition,
Absent judgment, possessing no one,
These stones so closely fit together form
A solid and enduring monument to the
Best that's in us all. So join with me
And be my friend, and live, and love,And grow.
So, there it is. Have a wonderful day!


Blogger Jill said...

Bob, I'm going to have to start printing all this out if you don't make a book of this poems! You should check out in case you'd like to find a way to preserve them in a nice, not too expensive way, for yourself and your family.

9:55 AM

Blogger Bob said...

Hi, again Jill.

I'll keep putting my things on, but it looks as though there aren't many out there who get the point! I hope that's not true.

I am really concerned about the state of education in this country.
Along with my concern with the way the country is going in general.

4:20 PM


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