Monday, June 05, 2006

First thoughts

I'm just beginning this blogging thing, so bear with me.

I'm an 81 year old retired High School teacher - History and Social Sciences. I taught for 30 years, and I served in the Army during WW II, two years in Europe during and after the war. I didn't spend those years only to see the direction this country has been going in recent years.

I graduated from Oberlin College with a BA in Political Science, and received the MA from Oberlin in 1956.

Now, to the present discontents.

After 9/11, George W. seemed to have the country with him. But it didn't last long. The Patriot Act scared the pants off me, and I immediately thought of George Orwell's 1984. Big Brother was now watching our library check-outs, etc. Anyone suspected of terrorism could be taken into custody, and held without charges and without access to an attorney. Not even allowed to let the family know what was going on, or where they were held. And all of this for as long as the government wished. Wow! - that's scary! And more recently, we have the NSA conducting surveillance of domestic communications. Big Brother again, with a vengeance.

Then along comes the Iraq invasion. I had a strong suspicion from the start that this was not justified. No weapons of mass destruction, no connection to Al Queda, no direct or immediate threat to the United States. The obfuscation continued with the continual shifting of justfication for invading. And the removal of Saddam would be welcomed with open arms, and the world would be safer from terrorism!

Well, now we see that things aren't as advertised. Not at all. We are over there with troops who have not been trained for the kind of duty they are asked to perform. They are in effect policing a civil war. And the terrorists seem to proliferate, the violence increases, and the government of Iraq is uncertain and tenuous at best.

On the subject of terrorism. Calling our actions a "war on terrorism" is a misnomer. There is no nation, no flag, no national symbols or uniform, and no identifiable enemy. The Geneva Convention does not apply, and the International Rules of War, long established in International Law, do on apply either. Well, well, how abou that?

George W. made a grave mistake in calling our action a "crusade" No word carries more threatening meaning to Muslims in the Middle East. They well remember the Crusades of the 12th to 14th Century, with the Christian states of the West attempting to annihilate the "Infidels". Instead of understanding the mind and culture of the Muslim world, we have created a situation in which suspicion is heightened, and an environment for recruitment of terrorist enhanced. How wrong can one be?

And Congress! They spend time debating non-essentials, while the health care system, immigration, and other serious issues are set aside. The present members seem most concerned with assuring election, hence they don't take a stand on much of anything. They folded their tents on Iraq, and are elsewhere when matters such as Congressional oversight of the Executive are concerned. Senator Byrd (D, VA) commented near the end of his lecture to the Senate on the Constitution, that they might as well hang a sign reading "gone fishin'" on Congress! Well said.

Well, this is a start. I have more to say, so keep checking.

Angry Grandpa


Blogger Jill said...

Well done, Angry Grandpa! Do you want to be outed, because I would love to put you on my blogroll and pass you on to a few others who will be sure to generate a few thoughtful readers.

I'm so happy that you've done this. Good luck. Be prepared but do NOT be worried. :) Just go with it.

1:15 PM

Blogger CindyZawadzki said...

Congrats and welcome to the ohio blogosphere! I'm looking forward to reading more of your posts.

-Cindy (HeightsMom)

10:16 PM

Blogger George Nemeth said...

Welcome. Looking forward to more!

10:44 PM

Blogger redhorse said...

sweet, seriously, I'm glad you joined our world. welcome aboard.

10:57 PM

Blogger scott bakalar said...

Wow! Angry Grandpa - I sense in you a kindred spirit.

Welcome to the blog-o-rama. Open all night.

I'm going to link you up too - in the morning - need to get some sleep!

1:59 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Bob,

Welcome to the tribe.


Jeff Hess
Have Coffee Will Write

3:13 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

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3:21 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

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3:21 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

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6:59 AM

Blogger Jeff Hess said...

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7:00 AM

Blogger Adam Harvey said...

Hey Angry Grandpa! Welcome to our little corner of NEO. My grandpa was a WWII vet. Thanks for serving.

7:14 AM

Blogger Shannon said...

Thanks for your posts so far -- loving them!

9:02 AM

Blogger Jake said...

Stumbled upon your post via blog hopping, if you will. I enjoy reading your posts, just wanted to make mention that Senator Byrd is as senator for WV not VA.

8:43 PM


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